Bullet Liner Suisse – Schweiz – Svizzera

Welcome to Bullet Liner Suisse!

Bullet Line Suisse is the exclusive distributor for Bullet Liner™ technology in Switzerland and Lichtenstein — and will oversee all Bullet Liner™ marketing and applicator recruitment for the region. The owners of Bullet Liner™ Suisse have their roots in the polyurethane and polyurea
markets with a track record for consistently providing quality services and consulting to clients in automotive and Industry markets.
The team at Bullet Liner™ Suisse is interested in focusing on solution-oriented services to meet the multitude of unique challenges that customers might bring their way. They view customers as a business partners and know that long-term client satisfaction is always tied to strong investment return.
The Bullet Liner™ Suisse team has confidence that the Bullet Liner™ global brand, together with parent company Carlisle Polyurethane Systems and its integrated products and services, will accrue a huge fan following in Switzerland —and they are currently seeking NEW applicators to join their network.
For more information, please contact Bullet Liner Suisse at info@bulletliner.ch or +41 21 946 2334


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